Why Trucking Companies
Should Create Press Releases

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Why Trucking Companies Should Create Press Releases

Why should your trucking company start creating press releases on a regular basis...? The easy answer is that press releases are a cost-effective way of sparking an “organic” increase in exposure for your organization. While putting an ad in a trade publication or targeted marketing via social channels – what we call “paid media” - will cost you a fee, press releases are essentially a piece of news or an announcement that create “earned media” placements with a variety of publications; both small and large.

Press releases can be sent to a variety of outlets, including local newspapers, local TV or radio, national digital outlets, and social media sites. They can also be posted on your company’s own websites and applications as a way of creating “links” which are important in the maximization of “search engine optimization”, or SEO, which increases important factors like your placement in Google's search engine.

What can be put in a Press Release...?

It’s pretty easy to see what a governmental agency or a political entity might put in a press release but you might be confused by what a transportation company could find that is newsworthy. You might be surprised to know that almost anything can be made into a press release. General business information, informative content, special happenings, or even advertisements can be structured to fit the format of a press release and your logistics practice can benefit from the new and diverse placements that you’ll have open to you. One of the ways to create those placements is through a regular publishing schedule to get news outlets familiar with your brand. The main thing is getting information into the hands of those who can benefit from it and planting the seeds that will lead to their reaching out.

Press releases build both awareness and exposure in a way that paid media, quite frequently, does not. Exposure is the simple act of letting folks know that your business exists. Awareness is the understanding that your business can be a great solution to a specific challenge. It is just a fact of life that people are sometimes more willing to act upon a “news” piece than they are when it comes to a “sales” piece. While potential customers may naturally have their guard up, when they are scanning a website that has an existing fan base or niche that focuses on the trucking industry, they are emotionally engaged and ready to take your information more readily.

Specific Uses for Press Releases that will Benefit Your Company

While the overall goal of your press release is to build high-quality awareness and exposure for your brand, there are a few areas of focus to keep in mind.

Cost-Efficient Marketing: If you can create a press release that is published by a high-exposure outlet, or if you have a solid social media following, press releases can be the cheapest way of gaining new fans... and potential clients. Much of your success here is driven by finding the most relevant news agencies and top-notch contacts for your press distribution list. As we mentioned above, this is a great way of targeting customers within your niche who are engaged readers and, thus, likely possess an interest in your brand, whether they have ever heard your name before or not.

Customer Relationship Building: Co-branded press releases with important clients can help build relationships and foster “relationship marketing” efforts. They can also double down on your positive reputation within the transportation and logistics industry. New clients who come on board with your organization usually appreciate the free marketing that they get when your organization puts out a release about how happy you are to have an opportunity to serve them and you will have a satisfied “audience-of-one”. You'll also have the opportunity to tout your services to the outside world. Meanwhile, others in the industry will know that your firm is growing... and everyone wants to be on board with a trucking company that is on top of the game and doing great things in a challenging business climate.

Recruitment: Press releases can be a good way of recruiting high-quality employees. Established truck drivers are more likely to want to work for trucking organizations that are visible and active in the community. That would be what we would refer to as “over-the-transom” or organic interest in joining your company. On the other hand, you could certainly put out a press release announcing the news that “Local Trucking Company is Seeking Top-Tier Drivers for Top-Tier Rates” or “ABC Trucking to Host an Online Driver Recruitment Event”. Provided that your release is published in the correct places, you can expect to hear from a multitude of talented and hard-working candidates.

What Should Your Next Steps be?

Press lists...? Publication schedules...? Organic marketing...? That’s a lot to take in and process. It’s enough to keep you stationary in the barn for sure... but the experts at i90 Marketing can help you decide what to do with an all-inclusive free consultation and commitment-free quote.

Feel free to send us a message and let us know how we can help. If you’ve benefited from this and your path is clear, let us know what your first press release is titled. We'd love to read it.

We’re excited to hear about your next evolution.

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