Transportation Industry Trends
in 2023

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Transportation Industry Trends in 2023

As 2023 begins, many wonder how the transportation industry will change and improve in the new year. The past few years have seen disruptions, uncertainties, and shifting travel routes.

Transportation companies will succeed and improve their business by staying on top of the industry's trends. They will not only be ahead of competitors but also use new technologies and systems to create a smoother supply chain.

While transportation professionals predict annual trends, consider adopting some of these seven concepts for your company. You will improve the running of your business, waste less time, increase productivity, and reach more clients.

Trend #1: Autonomous Trucks

A proposed solution to the trucking shortage has been autonomous trucks. However, they aid drivers and improve their jobs instead of replacing them. A semi truck driver operates a lead truck with unique technology while the follower truck automatically travels behind.

A human driver remains in these follower vehicles for safety and highway exit transitions. Transportation efforts can increase with advanced technology, but trials and adoptions of this tool over time will only improve it. Eventually, autonomous trucks may become the new normal.

Trend #2: Transportation Management System (TMS) Technologies

One of the most promising transportation trends in 2023 is the rise in new TMS technologies. As freight costs have continued to rise, many companies use a TMS to combat this problem. A transportation management system offers a good ROI and improves how drivers follow their routes.

The three leading technologies that are making TMS better and increasing efficiency are:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Real-time visibility solutions

AI can calculate more accurate ETAs, prepare shipments, and find ways to minimize delays whenever possible. IoT can create fewer destination wait times and increase a multi-industry company's versatility.

Real-time visibility solutions can show where drivers and deliveries are through tracking devices or smartphone apps. These methods help keep companies and customers in the know at all times. Air and ocean cargo can also use tracking for greater efficiency.

Trend #3: More Efficient and Seamless Travel

The transportation process is much smoother, with minimal stops and driver checkpoints. These pauses can slow deliveries, but mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) strives to combat them. Multiple modes of transportation can converge at convenient hubs and make fewer stops with ticketless tolls.

Trend #4: Last-Mile Delivery Drones and Robots

Customers look forward to the last-mile and home delivery step in the transportation process, eager to receive their goods. Recent transportation trends see ways to improve this experience, lowering the cost of last-mile deliveries and reaching more people. Two of these solutions are delivery drones and robots.

The general public still has uncertain opinions on the use of drones and concerns about the technology and its safety. However, large businesses like Amazon, Flytrex, UPS, and more use them to make small deliveries. Prescription drone deliveries are currently the most popular use.

Delivery robots are becoming popular on college campuses and bustling cities for food deliveries. Human monitors control these devices behind the scenes for a smooth process with minimal disruptions. Time will tell if these bots are here to stay, but companies have invested over $8 billion into the devices.

Trend #5: Adopting Cloud-Based Systems

A transportation company can begin using cloud-based systems and implement the software-as-a-service (or SaaS) model. These systems offer advancement opportunities for profitability, scalability, digital resources, and a smoother user experience. Accessing multiple transit methods in one efficient location also improves overall business functions.

Numerous departments in a business can benefit from cloud-based system adoptions, including marketing, legal, and sales.

Trend #6: Increased Security Protocols

Losses due to theft or other issues can significantly harm a transportation business. Precise tracking technologies and cargo tracing help to pinpoint the location of goods and fleets. Fewer products will go missing with these advanced security measures, while companies will increase their profits.

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