Surviving the Economic Downturn
for Trucking Companies

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Surviving the Economic Downturn for Trucking Companies

These days, it seems like everyone is discussing the state of the economy and how we are due for another recession as the costs of living and other expenses rise. Trucking companies are no different, wondering how their businesses will come out of this situation.

The United States heavily relies on the trucking industry to transport millions of goods. Finding profitable leads is essential for survival, security, and success during this challenging time.

The relationship between a brokerage or trucking company and manufacturing or shipping companies is vital for the growth of the business and to survive the economic downturn. Generating long-term and meaningful leads can help your trucking company thrive during a future recession.

What Does Your Trucking Company Have To Offer?

Shippers are likely to work for a transportation business that is relatable and connectable. You want them to get excited about working for your business and be passionate about what it offers. So, what can your trucking company provide manufacturing companies?

What sets you apart from competing trucking companies?

  • Do you offer incentives?
  • Are you on time?
  • Does your business offer guarantees?
  • Are you more affordable than other brokerages?

There are good reasons why your company stands out from the competitors! Brainstorm the ways you and your team bring value to manufacturing and shipping companies. You should focus on these and utilize them as a guide to make leads want to work with you.

What Type of Manufacturers Should You Seek Out?

Once you know what makes your company marketable and your business partnership appealing, you need to match with manufacturing companies. Not every shipping company may be ideal for working with your company because of location, size, type of freight, and more. Ask the following questions:

  • Is this manufacturing/shipping company compatible with our trucking company?
  • Can we routinely offer them dependable and excellent support and service?
  • What type of freight do they deliver, and does this work for our business?
  • Are they geographically located in a place where we can successfully do business?

Keeping your word is vital to ensuring a long-lasting and positive relationship. You will want to follow through on your promises and maintain a good reputation for the success of your trucking company. Shipping businesses will remember their experiences with you, so make them good ones!

Generating Leads and Getting Exposure in the Trucking and Logistics Industry

Now that you have identified your business’s standout aspects and potential promising leads, you must reach out to form connections. There are a few strategic ways trucking companies can put themselves out there and find good-fitting partners for shipping companies. Here are three of i90 Marketing’s most recommended tools for lead generation and increasing your company’s exposure.

1. Get Active on LinkedIn and Make Connections

LinkedIn is a phenomenal tool for making business connections and learning about who is present in the industry. It has reached over 822 million people this year alone and is essential for building a good business rapport. If your trucking company isn’t on LinkedIn, you should consider creating a profile and connecting with leads.

Consider upgrading to LinkedIn Premium for additional features and tools for your business to strengthen its online presence. Manufacturing companies can also naturally find your page through the site and want to connect with you. You may search for some leads, while others may organically find you and ask about doing business.

You can use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find business contacts to work with throughout the year. Filtering by industries and location can help narrow your results further if you want to get specific. It is a more precise and efficient method of connecting than blindly hoping for the best with the Yellow Pages.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp is a phenomenal tool for gaining targeted exposure and simultaneously connecting with multiple contacts. Setting up an email list shows professionalism and seriousness about your connections. It also draws attention to your trucking company and helps get you more into the logistics industry.

3. Cold Calling

Cold calling can be a daunting method of contacting potential partners for some people, but it doesn’t have to be frightening! Establish a personalized and meaningful call script to show genuine connection and passion. You are also less likely to sound like a machine and will stand apart from monotonous competing businesses.

i90 Marketing can give your trucking company a competitive edge when you work with our team. We help businesses increase driver leads and improve driver retention with proven results. We have years of experience in the trucking and logistics industry and working with clients looking to improve their companies.

We can help market your business to drivers and shipping/manufacturing companies, so fill out our online form or schedule a free marketing analysis call today!


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