3 Things Every Trucking Company
Must Have on its Website

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3 Things Every Trucking Company Must Have on its Website

The vast majority of trucking companies out there today are trying to recruit new drivers. This is because there is a shortage of trained and qualified drivers, and our country’s supply chain needs a boost.

As a leading digital marketing agency, we at i90 have spent years crafting comprehensive websites for trucking companies all over the nation. We have learned some valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t.

We want to share with all of you the top 3 attributes that we have seen make a significant difference in a trucking company website recruiting drivers, securing more clients, and improving communication through a unified online presence.

1 - Faces

People want to see people! When you visit a website, no matter the industry, you want to see a human being interacting with the product or showcasing how a service works. It makes everything feel more approachable and realistic instead of cookie cutter from a stock photo website.

You don’t need to go out and hire models to plaster all over your website. Ask your drivers if you can use their images on your website. People love realism. They will like being able to speak with a support dispatcher or logistics team member that was featured on the front page of the site. It makes you appear far more authentic and connects the dots between a digital presence and an actual company.

2 - Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is slowly overtaking most of the methods consumers use to find information. Popular platforms like TikTok have even outranked Google a few times. While you don’t need to be a viral influencer who dances all the time, having a reasonably professional social media presence is essential to your business.

As for your website, you need links that point to your various social media platforms. Try to use icons for the links and not words. This makes you appear more modern and translates well to a mobile device when someone looks you up on a smartphone or tablet.

3 - Don’t Forget the CTA!

You want the people visiting your website to take action. That means you need a viable offer for drivers to join your team and an actionable button or link for them to apply or contact you directly. The fewer steps you have between you and your potential drivers, the more likely you will gain valuable potential new hires.

Don’t be afraid to gussy up your offer with the benefits of your trucking company. Talk about your excellent salary, health benefits, 401k planning, training opportunities, team driving, lease-to-own programs, and anything else that will set you apart from the competition.

Drivers today are looking for more control over their future. If you provide them with a clear pathway to a lucrative career that will help support a family, you are light-years ahead of other companies. All you need to do now is put that mechanism into your website with easy-to-understand CTA buttons.

Trucking is Changing Right Now

The trucking industry has had a reckoning from the pandemic. We were forced to look long and hard at many of the inequalities, challenges, and older systems slowing down innovation and development. While there is definitely a need for the experience of seasoned veterans and the unique knowledge they have, there is also a need to balance our industry with younger, new drivers looking to build a career.

The dream is to connect these two individuals together, so the grand tradition of the open road is protected for generations to come. We need a smooth passing of the torch that ensures the country’s supply chain is up and running for everyone, from the kiddo having the first day at school to the grandparent finally getting a chance to relax.

As always, if you need help with your website or your digital marketing and driver recruitment, please visit i90marketing.com and make an appointment with our expert team to talk about the best ways we can help you.

For years our digital marketing agency has focused solely on the transportation and logistics industry. We know what trucking companies need because we feel the same challenges and market fluctuations as the drivers, dispatchers, and managers out there doing the hard work. So give us a call today, and let’s find a way to boost your online presence so your company's future is assured.

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