3 Steps to DIY a
Great Press Release

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3 Steps to DIY a Great Press Release

Writing a quality press release can be difficult, particularly for a company without marketers or content writers employed. This blog will explain how to successfully release a press release while gaining quality exposure in three easy steps.

Let's talk about the benefits of a quality press release. Press releases are an innovative way to build strong brands and credibility within an industry while showcasing new products, features, or developments within a company. Additionally, they can play a large role in building positive reputations and improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results. For example, i90Marketing released a video describing why a trucking company should regularly publish press releases on YouTube. That video titled Why Trucking Companies should do Press Releases? explains the benefits a company can receive by publishing press releases. At the bottom of this post, there will be a link to that video if you would like to see it for yourself.

Benefits aside, let's talk about actually releasing a press release.

Step one: topic and angle

What topic will you address? What angle must be considered? Is the topic or angle relevant enough? Will the topic captivate an audience? In order for a viewer to pay attention to what you have to say, the topic has to be interesting and newsworthy.

Here are a couple of examples for topics:

Business Expansion
One thing to write about is new property acquisitions, new business acquisitions, or a related venture, i.e., opening a repair shop in addition to your trucking company or a new type of bus for a transportation company. This will both self-promote an expansion and bring attention to new endeavors. More attention equals more consumers.

Charitable Donations
Being a philanthropist is important for community-based businesses. When your company gives back, tell people. This builds a trusting relationship within a community. Any monetary donation or humanitarian effort goes towards helping with building relationships outside of your business.

If your business is rebranding, let consumers know. Let them know how and why. Whether the change is something small; like expanding online presence; or bigger; like changing a logo or the company name explain it. Consumers need to know how you're new and better, and why.

Partnerships and collaborations are fantastic ways to gain attention especially if the partnership is with someone well-known. Press releases can draw attention to both your company and theirs. Letting consumers know who you are willing to work with, can also show them values that you agree with.

Promoting/ New hires
If you bring a big name in the industry to an executive-level position in your company, talk about it. Use it as an opportunity for more exposure. This also has the effect of showing pride in your company and its members.

This is crucial; if you receive an award, whether it's from big names like Amazon, or the city board of a small town, talk about it. Use the award or recognition as exposure. The more your company is talked about, the more consumers your company will have.

Again press releases must have a good topic, and I hope these examples will help guide you. This brings us to the next step.

Step 2: Who is writing?

As a business owner, you already have so many daily tasks. Why add another one? The easiest way to make sure you have a quality press release, with your topic of choice, is to hire a freelance writer. Some freelance writers specialize in press releases. For around seventy dollars, you can get a well-written press release sent to you. It's hassle-free and less time-consuming.

All you have to do is go to Fiverr.com, or an equivalent freelance site, and find an expert. It's that easy.

Step 3: Publication

There are many places to publish a press release. We recommend using 24-7pressrelease.com. They offer several packages, but for eighty-nine dollars, you will get publications in online news channels as well as some decent exposure. There are also more advanced packages that may cost more but will feature your work in more high-traffic areas like MarketWatch. There will be some links to different press release sites down below.

There you have it! 3 steps to DIY a press release according to i90Marketing. Of course, you don't have to DIY. At i90Marketing, there is a whole crew of experts to help you. They have a professional team of marketers who can always help you put together a quality press release, quickly and hassle-free.

For more tips, go to the i90Market YouTube channel (linked below) and check out some of their content. Also, if there are any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to visit the official i90Marking website (linked below) to make an appointment to talk to a professional.


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